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Learn from Faculty with Advanced Degrees & 10+ years of teaching experience. Resultoriented with proven success, our rigorously-tested proprietary methodology enhances problem-solving and reasoning skills in English, Math and Science. The ultimate results are significantly improved reading, writing, and problem-solving skills – Guaranteed!


The key to academic success is hone one’s ability to read, assimilate information and think logically. The Critical Reading section tests these aspects of learning. The Critical reading section makes up a third of the SAT exam and tests reading comprehension and sentence completion skills in the allotted time. Luckily you do not have to be a speed reader, grammar guru or pleonastic to master the Critical Reading Section. We teach approaches and strategies to help you get the score you want.

Success in college and beyond is determined by your ability to express your ideas coherently and effectively through written word. The Writing Section of the test gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills. We teach approaches and strategies to help you get the score you want.

You need Mathematics to understand the ever- so complex, information filled world around us. It is especially important for success in higher education. Our fundamental goal when teaching Mathematics is to empower the student with the capacity for deductive reasoning and to prepare them for further studies in Science and Math. We teach specific math concepts and skills in addition to various strategies that will help you achieve top score in the Mathematics section of SAT. For example, we teach the vocabulary that is commonly encountered in the Math sections of the test and provide effective strategies to learn them.

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