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About Us

Our teaching philosophy relies on conceptual understanding of the subject material. Educational research suggests that when students develop an understanding of basic scientific concepts, they are better equipped to apply their knowledge for higher learning and in standardized tests (SAT, PSAT, ACT, NYS REGENTS). We are unique in that all of our faculty members have earned PhDs and JDs from reputable US institutions. In addition, most EMSCC faculty are actively involved in scientific research. Because they are experts in their field, they provide a unique perspective on subject matter. This is critically important for science and math learning. We are committed to providing the highest quality education that will help our students succeed beyond standardized tests. Our goal is to insure that each student realizes their full potential

Our Faculty and Consultants

  • Suneeta S Paroly, Ph.D. - Founder, Chief Education Officer, and Biology Faculty

    Ph.D., Biology, Wesleyan University. Post-doctoral training at Columbia University.

    She served as Assistant Professor of Biology at Bard High School Early College. At present she is a visiting scientist at Queens College working on a collaborative research project with Dr. Sanjai Kumar. Suneeta founded Science Math English Education & College Consulting (EMSCC) in 2011. The idea was conceived during a voluntary break in her teaching career as a full-time Faculty at Bard High School Early College. During her tenure as faculty at Bard she learned that her background in research helped her bring a different perspective to teaching Biology. The students found this beneficial and inspiring. She translated this philosophy, when choosing Faculty to join her program at EMSCC. All faculty at EMSCC are experts with advanced degrees their chosen field of study. They have dedicated a number of years learning and pursuing their interest in their field of study. In addition, many of the faculty is actively involved in their field which helps bring a fresh perspective to teaching.
  • Bushra Rehman
    Bushra's writing has been featured on BBC Radio 4, WNYC and KPFA and in the New York Times, India Currents, Crab Orchard Review, Sepia Mutiny, Color Lines, and Mizna: Prose, Poetry and Art Exploring Arab American. Her first novel Corona is forthcoming through Sibling Rivalry Press. Bushra has taught writing for fifteen years. She was a founding faculty member for Bard High School Early College in Queens and has worked for Kaplan Test Prep, Teachers & Writers Collaborative, Urban Word NYC, College Track, Kearny Street Workshop and the Asian American Writers' Workshop.
  • Anales Debhaumik, Ph.D. - Mathematics Faculty
    B.A., Mathematics, Hunter College. M.A., Mathematics Education, Hunter College. He is an Assistant Professor (Mathematics) at Bard High School Early College.
  • Arup Mukherjee - Mathematics Faculty
    B.A., Mathematics, Hunter College. M.A., Mathematics Education, Hunter College. He is an Assistant Professor (Mathematics) at Bard High School Early College.
  • Marissa Uneberg - English Faculty
    B.A., SUNY Stony Brook. J.D., St. John's University. She is a member of the New York State bar. Marissa has taught standardized test taking techniques since 2000.
  • Susan Khweiss - English Faculty
    B.A., Queens College, M.A., English Literature, Queens College. Susan has taught English and Standardized Test taking techniques at Townsend Harris School, Flushing.
  • Aris Efting, Ph.D. - Biology Faculty
    Ph.D. Natural Resources, University of Nebraska (UNL). Research emphasis includes algae ecology, algae toxins, and the identification of water quality standards for lakes and streams.

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